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What do I do if I want to change the type of antifouling paint I am using?

Check for compatibility with old antifouling. If you know the current antifouling, you can quickly determine whether your Interlux paint choice is compatible by referring to the Boat Painting Guide (or on the Interlux color card).

Apply Primocon YPA984 primer and paint. If you don't know the current antifouling, we've a simple solution. Apply Primocon primer, our universal "tie coat" primer. It will overcoat any antifouling and establish a great foundation for your new Interlux antifouling choice. After the Primocon dries, simply apply your new antifouling.

Remove old antifouling. If you would prefer to remove the old antifouling, Interlux Interstrip 299E is a great solution. Gelcoat safe, Interstrip will remove several coats of paint in one application. After stripping, you are ready to prime and paint your newly cleaned hull!

You can use our Paint Estimator to determine how much paint is required. Just enter the type and dimensions of your boat, the product you're using and the number of coats required, and you'll receive a helpful estimate.

How much paint do I need?

We'll help you calculate how much paint is needed.

What product do you want to paint

What type of boat?

Full bodied craft

Fin keeled racing craft

Medium draft racing craft

What is the underwater area?

Hide Formulations Show Formulations

1 x LWL x (B+D) = Underwater Area (m2)

0.5 x LWL x (B+D) = Underwater Area (m2)

0.75 x LWL x (B+D) = Underwater Area (m2)

LOA = Length Overall
LWL = Length Waterline
B = Beam
D = Draft
F = Freeboard

What application method?

How many coats do you want to apply?

If you put less than the minimum recommended numbers of coats, it may affect the performance of the coating.

To paint a ? x ? x ? ??, with ? coats

You'll need ? litres of

Warning that this tool is an estimator only

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